Residential Grid-tie Systems

While BluePond has progressed to move into the commercial space, since 2014 residential solar is our roots. We install high-performance residential grid-tie systems across British Columbia with the Lower Mainland, Sea to Sky Country, the Okanagan, and Shuswap as our primary geographic scope, but we have done installations all across the province. BluePond assists our customers through the whole process with BC Hydro’s net-metering program and all required permits. We offer both microinverters and string inverters and the highest-efficiency modules on the market. Contact us today for a free site assessment!


The planning and design of off-grid systems requires care and attention due to the inherent complexities of such systems. Many, if not most, off-grid systems underperform due to a variety of factors, such as overloading systems, mismatching balance of systems components, and excessive draining (lack of charging) of batteries. In close consultation with the client, BluePond’s design team optimizes standalone systems specific to each application, carefully considering the balance of systems requirements throughout.

For remote communities, lodges, and cabins, as well as new homes buildings where grid-connectivity is cost-prohibitive, BluePond understands the engineering requirements of your off-grid system.

Arguably the most important component of any off-grid system, and the critical component in a battery backup scenario, deep-cycle batteries are the workhorses of standalone energy distribution. We offer a range of lead-acid batteries, including tubular flooded and AGM batteries from manufacturers such as Surette and Discover. We also offer leading lead-carbon batteries, providing the lowest cost-per-cycle of all our battery options.

Battery Backup

Battery backup is becoming an increasingly attractive option for homeowners across the world. For one, it integrates easily with a solar-PV grid-tie system to achieve self-sufficiency. Currently, in BC there are no economic benefits to using backup packaged storage options, such as Tesla Powerwall 2, but they can offer a highly reliable alternative to a backup generator for backup power, without the noise. If you’re considering battery backup, call BluePond to discuss your options. We are a certified Sonnen installer and can offer the Powerwall 2 through our licensed partner. Call BluePond 1-888-260-0302 to discuss your options.

Standby Generators

BluePond offers backup generators to the customers who need them most. Power outages are frequent occurrences along the southern BC coast. Whether you live on Bowen Island, on the Sunshine Coast, or up through Sea to Sky, BluePond can install a Kohler propane standby generator that will eliminate your blackouts.

Kohler backup generators and both service and non-service rated automatic transfer switches provide homeowners with the piece of mind knowing that they will have seamless quality power, no matter the state of the grid. Blackouts can be an irritant as well as expensive to both homeowners and businesses when food goes bad or in extreme cases when pipes freeze.