Homes across western Canada are ready for rooftop solar.
British Columbia and Alberta receive far more solar irradiance than most people realize.

 Your home will produce clean energy throughout the year, but especially during the summer months when the days are long and solar irradiance is high. The net-metering program with BC Hydro and Alberta’s Microgeneration Program allow you to receive credit for all the power you feed back into the grid. Over the course of the year, many systems provide net self-sufficient electrical power. The added benefit of solar energy is that you are locking in your rates for the life of the system. Electricity rates will inevitably go up, but that will not matter to you and your family once your new solar energy system is installed. 

Homes across BC and Alberta have enough roof-space to provide a substantial percentage of the province’s electricity needs. Homeowners can lock in at least part of their electricity rates for decades by taking advantage of grid-connected solar. Generating homeowners a positive return and attractive payback, solar can be a sound investment for many homeowners across the province. BluePond offers a wide variety of systems and products to fit homeowners’ expectations and budgets.

It is easier than you think!

BluePond makes accessing solar as simple as possible.

Just call our toll-free number 1-888-260-0302 or fill out our online form,
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The process couldn’t be simpler, from first contact to project completion.

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Free consultation and assessment

Just give us a call at 1-888-260-0302 or fill out the online form on our website.  It’s that simple! We will then walk you through the process of getting your solar designed and installed and gather the necessary information to complete your free solar site assessment.

System design and permitting

When you give the go-ahead, we begin obtaining all the necessary permits, and take care of your system design. Our solar experts will optimize your system, so that it produces as much energy as possible, month after month, year after year.


On a date that works best for you, our qualified technicians will come by to install your new PV system. BluePond technicians will get your system installed in a safe, expedient manner.  Residential solar installations typically take between 1 and 3 days to complete.

Solar’s on!

Our installers will introduce you to your brand new PV system. We will take care of the final quality control, commissioning, and metering. You will then be on your way to enjoying decades of seamless solar power.

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax knowing your PV system is covered by manufacturer warranties and our own service warranty. Your new PV system will be producing clean energy for your home, while feeding power you don’t use back onto the grid.  You can also monitor your system’s performance from the touch of a button.

How our site assessments work

In order to pass as many savings as possible on to you, we generally use remote imagery applications to design a system from our head office in Vancouver. In order to develop the most accurate assessment possible, we will ask you for your latest electricity bill and a couple of photographs. We will also ask you a few questions regarding the condition of your roof, as well as the layout of your home.

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Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Solar Rebate Program

Any grid-connected solar PV project in Alberta now qualifies for significant rebates from the Alberta Government.  Eligible projects, whether residential or commercial, can now apply for Microgeneration interconnection.  BluePond Solar has detailed knowledge of the program, and how customers can take advantage of it.  

Rebate schedule


$0.90 per Watt, 35 percent of project cost, or $10,000, whichever is the lowest.


$0.75 per Watt, 25 percent of project cost, or $1,000,000, whichever is the lowest.

Off-Grid and Backup Power

Serious off-grid!

The planning and design of off-grid systems requires care and attention due to the inherent complexities of such systems.  Many, if not most, off-grid systems underperform due to a variety of factors, such as overloading systems, mismatching balance of systems components, and excessive draining (lack of charging) of batteries. In close consultation with the client, BluePond’s design team optimizes standalone systems specific to each application, carefully considering the balance of systems requirements throughout.  

For remote communities, lodges, and cabins, as well as new homes buildings where grid-connectivity is cost-prohibitive, BluePond understands the engineering requirements of your off-grid system.

AC-Coupled and DC-Coupled Systems

BluePond designs and builds both AC and DC coupled standalone systems.  The determination of which system will be most effective is done following an engineering study, which considers matters such as load profile, in-rush currents, array sizing relative to inverter and battery bank, balance of systems, and the frequency in which the building is occupied.  

AC-coupled systems employ grid-tie string inverters, which connect directly to AC loads.  Inverter/chargers receive backfed AC power from the AC side when a surplus of production over load is present.  Frequency shift modulations from the inverter/charger curtail string inverter output when the battery charge reaches the absorption stage, eventually completely shutting off the inverters when necessary.  This requires programming string inverters to specific settings that correspond with the frequency changes deployed by the inverter/charger.  While AC-coupled systems still exhibit small glitchy issues in the North American market, these issues do not result in a serious loss in efficiency (< 3%).  When applied in the right design, AC-coupled systems can demonstrate an efficiency gain of up to 15 percent compared to the DC-coupled alternative.

DC-coupled off-grid systems have the PV array connected to a charge controller and the battery bank.  DC-coupled systems can be far less complex than AC-coupled, notably because there is much less programming involved.  When using Schneider Conext equipment, the charge controller can integrated into the Xanbus network, allowing programming changes and constant monitoring.  DC-coupled standalone systems are less efficient due to the path of the generated energy.  The fact that solar power first goes into the batteries automatically succumbs that energy to the battery efficiency and inverter/charger efficiency deratings, which can be over 20 percent.  If a large amount of the power generated through the solar generator can be applied directly to loads, efficiency gains can be tremendous.  This is why AC-coupled systems should only be suggested in specific circumstances when consistent loads are present, such as in homes that are used as a primary residence or businesses.

Schneider Conext

While we supply and install inverter and charge controller equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, including Magnum, Outback, and Morningstar, we are proud to offer leading standalone systems using Schneider Conext inverter chargers, charge controllers, as well as communication and control devices.  Notably for larger off-grid applications, Schneider Conext delivers a stable, fully programmable, and verifiable platform for managing and distributing power within your off-grid home.  Furthermore, with Schneider Conext, the homeowner is also able to monitor the system, change settings, and control devices remotely.  


Arguably the most important component of any off-grid system, and the critical component in a battery backup scenario, deep-cycle batteries are the workhorses of standalone energy distribution.  We offer a range of lead-acid batteries, including tubular flooded and AGM batteries from manufacturers such as Surette and Discover.  We also have high-voltage hybrid lithium storage/inverter combination systems available soon.

Generator Backup Systems

BluePond is Generac dealer, offering their range of portable, backup, and off-grid generators.  Generac’s Guardian series backup generators and both service and non-service rated automatic transfer switches provide homeowners with the piece of mind knowing that they will have seamless quality power, no matter the state of the grid. Blackouts can be an irritant as well as expensive to both homeowners and businesses when food goes bad or in extreme cases when pipes freeze.  Generac’s EcoGen off-grid generator provides a simple two-wire auto-gen start control, making installation a breeze.  

Generac Guardian Series Back-up Generator with Transfer Switch

Generac EcoGen 15kW Off-Grid Generator

Systems for Recreational Vehicles

We offer a broad selection of products and solutions for recreational vehicles and tiny homes.  We have 12V and 24V modules available, and can design systems using higher voltage 60-cell modules in the 265W-300W range.  With a broad range of charge controllers, inverters, and batteries available, BluePond is your one-stop shop for all your recreational power requirements.

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