Bluepond deploys a range of power generation, microgrid, and energy management solutions for commercial, industrial, and government clients

Commercial Quote

Commercial Solar-PV
Grid-Tie – Battery Backup – ups – Microgrid

BluePond Solar delivers a range of ommercial projects that involve renewable energy. We are a trusted EPC provider of advanced grid-tie, battery backup, and standalone solar-PV systems for commercial and industrial buildings and sites across western Canada. We also have the ability to install small-scale wind generation in parts of the country where wind is cost-effective. BluePond offers highly competitive pricing structures, and always deploy the most applicable and advanced equipment for any given project.

Diesel Displacement

GHG emissions can be reduced dramatically through renewable-energy technology combined with most advanced energy storage. Many remote sites and communities across western Canada currently rely on constant diesel-fired power generation. BluePond offers a range of solutions that can decrease fuel consumption between 45 and 90 percent. The simple introduction of storage, charge controllers, and inverters to a site can decrease fuel consumption by a considerable amount. Return on investment and GHG emissions reductions are significant.

Commercial Power Generation Systems

While BluePond Solar works on projects that seek to reduce diesel consumption, generators are still provide a crucial role in the architecture of remote grids. BluePond Solar provides EPC services for prime-power heavy-duty generators. Typically, these generators complement a renewable energy system with storage, providing crucial charging capacity during Canadian winters.

Energy Management, Engineering Design, and Consulting Solutions

  • Energy studies (ASHRAE 1-3)
  • Control systems for HVAC and other energy systems
  • LED lighting design and installation
  • A wide range of energy-management solutions for commercial and industrial customers
  • BluePond Solar is a member of the BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance, allowing our customers to apply for incentives on various energy-savings projects.

Energy audits and Enterprise Energy Management

BluePond offers complete energy audit and enterprise energy management solutions for organizations across western Canada.  Energy audits often deliver much more than investment-grade technological implementation, they can also promote organizational change related to energy use, and the way an organization understands and manages energy.

BluePond conducts energy audits to ASHRAE standards, Level I, II, and III.  Levels are dictated by the level of detail that is involved in the scope of the undertaking.  The primary objective of the energy audit is to identify and analyze energy-management opportunities, from zero-cost, low-cost, to investment-grade measures.  The range of detail involved can go from simply identifying the energy-savings measure, as in the Level I audit, to formulating a complete engineering design, such as in the Level III audit.

BluePond’s Enterprise Energy Management is an extension of the energy audit. It includes the implementation of management systems focused on the use of energy within the organization, whereby continuous improvement is the objective