Increasing energy efficiency boosts productivity
within your business or organization and through the economy as a whole

Along with a reduction in GHG emissions, energy efficiency projects boost productivity and cash-flow within organizations.  Energy efficiency measures can be viewed alongside automation in plants in terms of the importance such programs bring to the productive performance of organizations.  

Often business or institutional customers contact us first seeking solar PV as the primary investment, but after a quick consultation, they learn that there are likely other areas within their facilities that have energy-saving measures available producing a much higher rate of return.  In such instances, we often suggest an energy study of the facility to identify a ground of low-cost and investment-grade energy-saving measures or the quick implementation of a simple measure, such as an LED lighting retrofit. We are happy to offer all of these services in-house, assisting decision makers in your organization from inception to commissioning.

Commercial solar with BluePond!

The business case for solar energy is particularly important for businesses, and nobody understands this better than BluePond. The benefits of solar energy are tremendous. Firstly, installing a solar PV system to power your organization’s operations will provide a tremendously positive impact on the environment, while moving your organization forward towards reaching its sustainability objectives. In addition, by going solar, businesses have the ability to lock-in their electricity rates for years to come, while achieving a solid rate of return on their investment.

Solar is a smart decision across a broad spectrum of objectives, fulfilling all criteria of the triple-bottom line.

LED lighting

The transformation of LED lighting technology has been astounding.  While LED lights had various issues over the past number of years, they are now ready for prime time.  Lamp failure still exists, but the rate is far lower than it was in the past.  Any business or organization with an existing building that has yet to undergo a complete LED lighting retrofit is leaving serious cash flow on the table.  Conventional lighting sources unnecessarily consume large amounts of energy.  LED lighting projects are relatively affordable, and generate businesses a highly favourable rate of return.  BluePond often includes LED lighting retrofits as energy-savings opportunities in energy audits for commercial buildings.  We are also happy to provide quotes on lighting retrofits, modifications, and designs.

New to Alberta, Energy Efficiency Alberta has launched a commercial LED rebate program.  Only certain luminaires and fixtures are eligible, and BluePond has them available.  Call us today to schedule your free consultation. 

Energy audits and enterprise energy management

BluePond offers complete energy audit and enterprise energy management solutions for organizations across western Canada.  Energy audits often deliver much more than investment-grade technological implementation, they can also promote organizational change related to energy use, and the way an organization understands and manages energy.  

BluePond conducts energy audits to ASHRAE standards, Level I, II, and III.  Levels are dictated by the level of detail that is involved in the scope of the undertaking.  The primary objective of the energy audit is to identify and analyze energy-management opportunities, from zero-cost, low-cost, to investment-grade measures.  The range of detail involved can go from simply identifying the energy-savings measure, as in the Level I audit, to formulating a complete engineering design, such as in the Level III audit.

BluePond’s Enterprise Energy Management is an extension of the energy audit. It includes the implementation of management systems focused on the use of energy within the organization, whereby continuous improvement is the objective.